Our Vision

• Neil Dunnigan's School of Karate fosters life long learning through self-improvement of body, mind and character.


Our Mission

• Teaching traditional karate in a welcoming environment that reflects leadership, dedication to student achievement and social responsibility.


Our Values

• Neil Dunnigan's School of Karate values diversity, perseverence, effort, respect for oneself and each other.


We Offer

• Multiple classes to accommodate busy lifestyles

• Highly qualified black belt instructors

• Outstanding track record of safety and professionalism

• Classes for students at all levels

• Welcomes ages 4-84

•Free trial class

•One month Introductory Program

•No hidden fees


All Students Experience:

•Reduced stress- increased well being with physical and mental stimulation

•Enhanced fitness- improved fitness, regardless of current level

•Fun and friendship- positive peers in a welcoming environment

•Self-defence- with control

•Increased co-ordination, balance and focus- heightened performance

•Mental Enhancement- self discipline for adults and children