Tiger Tots Karate

For four & five year olds, an exciting and fun program for that combines the values and principles of traditional karate, in an environment that is respectful and lively.

Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.



Karate Kids

For five to twelve year olds, kids benefit from the fitness, focus and effort of traditional karate training within a welcoming atmosphere, that is fun for all.

Continuous enrollment.



Adolescent/Adult Karate

From teen to adults 60+, the key to our classes is diversity, mentorship, teamwork and tradition, with individual attention being available to maximize learning.

Continuous enrollment.



What People Are Saying:


"Our son has developed socially in leaps and bounds over the eight classes.” Ken Ackimenko, Pee Wee parent.


“Involvement in karate has had positive effects on our children’s coordination, concentration and confidence. I am a neuro-developmental pediatrician and since seeing the potential effects on child development, I have started recommending karate to many of my patients.” Dr. Susan Petryk, MD, FRCP (parent of 4 children in Karate Kids classes, who later joined with her husband).


“I appreciate Neil Dunnigan’s tremendous patience with students. He and his instructors show a dedication and eagerness to help people and promote the feeling of camaraderie with other students.” Ken Sagan, retired Canada Post supervisor and 4th degree black belt.






Neil Dunnigan's School of Karate offers a wide array of classes to meet your needs.