We offer a wide array of customized community workshops for teambuilding, educational purposes or fundraising events for school and community sports teams. Contact us today for more detailed information and to discuss how we can meet your needs.


Awareness, Attitude and Personal Safety

“Come to Your Senses” is a fun and interactive program that helps you to identify danger signals, understand the difference between instinct and intuition, explore your options and learn principles for escape and self protection.


Team Building

Motivate your group with a fun, non-threatening experience. People will experience laughter and enjoyment, while challenging themselves to stay focused.


Street Smart for Kids and Teens

Arm children and teens with awareness, knowledge and basic escape skills related to their personal safety. A great opportunity for physical education classes, from kindergarden to senior high.


What People Are Saying:

• Trusting our aging bodies and minds to your expertise – my team of nurses and I reminisce and relive many of our mutual memories of that day in your Dojo. We bonded in a unique way and we all changed on some level. I would highly recommend your workshop to any corporation or group. Dr. Raeleen Cherry (Come to Your Senses workshop).

• “It was lively, high energy and changed the way staff think about personal safety.” Elaine Shannon, Manager Alberta Blue Cross (team building session).

•“Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with your professionalism, your teaching skills and the attention you demanded from the students. I would highly recommend you to other educators.” Suzanne Fuller, teacher (phys ed class).