Okinawa Kobudo KenRyo Ryu Kai

"Ancient Martial Art"Originating in Okinawa, Kobudo (koh'-boo-doe) is the study of weapons. Many weapons studied by Kobudo practitioners are thought of as 'ninja' weapons, however, these weapons are basic farming and fishing tools from Okinawa.The practice of kobudo is quite demanding physically. In Karate-do, you have only your body to worry about. However, in Kobudo you add a weighted weapon and make it an extension of your body, not merely an implement used by your body.Some weapons studied in Ryukyu Kobudo include: * Sai (a pair of hand sized metal forks with one long prong in the center bracketed by 2 shorter inwardly curved prongs) * Roku Shaku Bo (kon in the Okinawan dialect, a 6' wooden staff) * Kama (hand sized rice sickle) * Tonfa (handle off a rice mill, used in pairs).Kobudo training at Neil Dunnigan's School of Karate is taught by kobudo Sensei Scott MacPhee. See the schedule for class times.