“When Words Are Not Enough” is a practical certification program ideal for child care workers, nurses, law enforcement personnel, teachers, bus drivers, parents and anyone else who deals with potentially volatile situations involving adults or children. Contact us today for more detailed information and to discuss how we can meet your needs.


About Neil Dunnigan

Neil has over 30 years of experience in working with people to understand how the body works and this can be used to one’s advantage in controlling volatile situations. It’s something he refers to as “applied kinesiology”. The root of his learning comes from being immersed in the study of traditional karate, phys ed courses and the journey he has taken into developing and refining his knowledge in the practical areas of self defence and non-abusive restraint.


Neil developed his non-abusive restraint program for the Alberta government in 1983. He remains a private consultant in this field, continuing to contract with the Alberta government and the private sector.

About the Program
Many factors should be considered when choosing the right non abusive restraint program to meet your needs. Click here for an overview of this program.


What People Are Saying:

• “For anyone who deals with people in conflict, the skills taught in this course will reduce stress, enable clear thinking and thoughtful responses, leading to a more effective resolution.” Bob Trueman, Supervisor- Children’s Treatment Centre, Alberta Children’s Services (program participant).

• “As a result of this course I will be able to reduce risk of injury to myself when dealing with a violent child, reduce the likelihood of injury to a child during restraint and intervene quickly to lessen property destruction and violent acts.” J Giesbrecht, teacher (program participant).