Neil Dunnigan's School of Karate is committed to demonstrating social responsibility by giving back to the community. A primary focus is on providing support to organizations that assist those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society.  Examples of such organizations include the Bissell Centre, Youth Emergency Shelter Society, Edmonton Food Bank and Gateway Association for Community Living.

In addition, at Christmas, Neil Dunnigan's School of Karate asks a local elementary school to identify a family, who could benefit from the generosity of our students.  Contributions of individual and family gifts, food and gift cards from our students are provided to the family via the school principal. The result is a Christmas that all family members will remember for years to come.

What People Are Saying:


• You and your school's members have made a real difference in the life of a Norwood family. It is obvious that as a group of individuals you know how important it is to provide warm memories at Christmas time.  Your generous donation will ensure this family will have warmhearted recollections of this Christmas season.  Your giving without expecting anything in return, thinking of others first has made the school a better place for all of us.

Heather Raymond, PhD, former principal, Norwood School

• Hunger has an appetite and it won't be denied.  It consumes
self-respect, swallows the spirit and feeds on indifference. Thank you for your wonderful donation of 170 kilos of food.

Marjorie Bencz, Executive Director, Edmonton' Food Bank